How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy is not nearly as expensive as most people think it is.  For more detailed information, click here.

Timeshare Nightmare – Will Bankruptcy Totally Solve the Problem?

Owning a timeshare along with the future maintenance costs can turn into a nightmare that bankruptcy may not be able to resolve. Click here for the full article.

Should I File Bankruptcy Right Now?

Sometimes, the answer to this question is get yourself to a bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible and sometimes the answer is you just need to relax.  To read more on this topic, click here to view my blog post on it.

Do they have they have to give the car back after I file bankruptcy?

The answer is yes.  Listen to this podcast to hear why or read my blog post.

More on the Bankrutpcy Means Test

In this podcast, I talk about the bankruptcy means test.

Can I Get A Loan Modification While I Am In An Active Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

The answer is yes.  You can request court permission to get your loan modification for your mortgage approved.  Don’t wait until the last second to get the necessary information to your bankruptcy attorney.

What Should I Do If My House is Underwater in Georgia?

When facing a possible foreclosure in Georgia, what should you do when you owe more money on your house than its worth?  I get this question a lot.  Just this past week, I met with a couple in my Rome GA office who asked this question.  In their case, the house was their only debt problem and they had only one mortgage.  In this specific case, I advised them to walk away from the house and not to file bankruptcy.  To read the rest of this blog post, click here.

What is a Motion For Relief in Bankruptcy Court?

A Motion for Relief from the automatic stay is basically a request from a creditor to the Bankruptcy Court for permission to take back collateral.  Motions for Relief are set down for hearings before the Bankruptcy Court.  In Northwest Georgia, these hearings are held at the Federal Building in downtown Rome GA.  Debtors and their bankruptcy attorney have the opportunity to defend against the motion. If a creditor has good cause for filing the motion, it will be granted. If the debtor and the bankruptcy attorney can mount a reasonable defense, the request will be denied.  To read the complete article I wrote on this topic, click here. To listen to the podcast on this topic, click on the player below.


Can I Keep My Tax Refund If I File For Bankruptcy?

The answer to this question is ……”IT DEPENDS!”

What type of case are you filing?  How of the wildcard exemption do you have available in your case that could be applied to your tax refund?  If you would like to read a blog post I wrote on this topic, click here.  If you would to list to my podcast on this topic, please click on the player below.

Top Ten Myths About Filing For Bankruptcy in Georgia

In this podcast, I describe the top 10 myths about filing for bankruptcy in Georgia.  I am amazed by how many myths about bankruptcy float around the water coolers throughout the United States.  So many people needlessly suffer from creditor abuse because they don’t know the truth about bankruptcy.  Click on the play button below or you can read about it here.