Bankruptcy Big News – You can now file without leaving your home

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Bankruptcy Big News - You can now file without leaving your home

Hello, this is Jeff Kelly and Today is March the 21st 2020. And there is some big, big news in the bankruptcy world. For North Georgia, the court has recently changed the rules, so that it is now possible for you to file bankruptcy from the safety and comfort of your home without ever having to leave. This is huge for us. Because forever, we have not been allowed to use tools like DocuSign to have people sign their bankruptcy petitions remotely. But now we can. And this is a result of the the coronavirus pandemic crisis that we’re currently going through. So here’s here’s how it would work, how it would work.

Let’s say your home right now you’ve got some debt issues you’re concerned about, you would give us a call and we would set up a free consultation with you. During this consultation, we’re going to go through your income, we’re going to go through your budget. And we’re going to go through all your assets. And we want to see, would chapter 13 or chapter 7 even be a good option for you. If it’s not a good option, we’re going to tell you, but if it is and it’s going to bring him some relief and be a good thing for you, then the next step is we’re going to set up a two to two and a half-hour appointment with you. During this time, I would like to set you up with a meeting over a program called zoom “z o o m” fantastic tool, you’ll be able to see us and talk to us. And I can also share my screen with you. So we can go through that petition one page at a time to make sure that it is absolutely perfect. And you can you can pay to file your case with a debit card.

And once we get your case file, the next step is to go to what’s called the 341 meeting of creditors. Now currently, they are not holding any 341 meeting of creditors because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, I anticipate that very soon, they’re going to make an announcement that they’re going to start doing these hearings over the phone. So what I don’t know is will you be able to call in from your house, or if they’re going to require you to come to your attorney’s office and conduct the hearing directly from the office. So that’s kind of up in the air. But it is fantastic and great news that you can be safe and you can still get some relief without leaving your your house.

I would encourage you if you’ve got any questions at all about bankruptcy, go to my website I’ve got a lot of blogs there you can check out. And if you would like you can download a free copy of a book that I have written on chapter 13 and chapter 7. If you want to fill out a form on the website, we can send you a hardcopy as well. And, in addition, any other podcasts that you might want to listen to If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. I know there’s a lot of people who are currently stuck at home. And I believe you know, now is a great time for you to learn about your options. And you know, normally you know, in normal times people are have to struggle with work schedules. And it’s hasn’t been the easiest all the time for people to get appointments. But now if you’re stuck at home, you can call any time without having to travel. Take advantage. I would encourage everybody take advantage of this time and learn new things and for some people that that new thing might need to be chapter 13 or chapter 7. Keep the faith we will work together. We will get through this. We all need to stay positive. And I would just encourage you if you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 770-881-8449 Thank you!

Jeff Kelly